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Who We Are

Sometimes, it really does take a village.

Wings’ Leadership Team.

We all need layers of healthy relationships to be happy, whole and healthy. So at Wings, it’s all about the people. We work from the deep conviction that even with the most cutting edge therapeutic knowledge, approaches and techniques at our disposal, it’s ultimately people who heal people. Our work is effective because our team is not only clinically talented, but tirelessly passionate and compassionate in their work with families.

Wings Founder Elizabeth McGuireElizabeth McGuire, MSW, Founder and  Executive Director

Certified Field Model Interventionist, Certified DBT Coach, Certified Relational Life Therapist, Educational Consultant

After years of working with families as a mental health provider and educational consultant, Elizabeth founded Wings on the conviction that, “with the right support, every family can find their way forward.” She founded Wings as an alternative to the fractured approach to educational consulting, residential treatment, and treatment support that seemed to dominate the mental health industry, with different specialists working in a largely uncoordinated manner. “It struck me as inefficient, ineffective and expensive, so I started coordinating interdisciplinary teams of highly-skilled colleagues together as needed to bring integrated support to the families I was working with.” The quality of this collaborative approach led to a 95% success rate with families-and Wings was born.


Wings’ Collaborative Team

Under the leadership of Elizabeth McGuire, Wings brings together collaborative teams of top professionals according to the specific needs of individual clients or families. We’re honored to have access to some of the nation’s leading therapists, educational consultants, psychologists, psychiatrists, and treatment professionals-all of whom are impressive not only for their impeccable professional credentials, but for their demonstrated passion, compassion and leadership in working with families.